This small plugin will automatically setup renderLayers for the user. It’s a work in progress in tool but the basics are working. Supported renderer is Mental Ray with MR&Maya materials right now, later this year I’ll switch to a GPUrenderer and I’ll add support for that one.

I wrote this since 1. it takes too long to setup renderlayers everytime with iterations on the scene contents and 2. Maya/Mental Ray have a tendency to break sometimes with renderpasses & material overrides. I’ve used this in a couple of productions so far and it appears to work fine.

Very important : this works with a 100% reference based workflow. So in a masterscene nothing exists with references to lights, models etc.

Right now the user can create the following passes :

BT : beauty render with options for the standard renderpasses from Maya

OCC : Occlusion render with transparency support

DEPTH : Depth render with transparency support

MaterialID : Individial EXR renders for each material present

fogFXetc : all materials are black and act as a holdout for lightfog,particles etc.

I ‘m testing it on Windows, but I think Mac/Linux should work as well.