Wildlands Zoo / Terra Explorer


  • Maya
  • Photoshop
  • Fusion

An awesome project done for Jora Entertainment : the dinosaur mural in the Wildlands Terra Explorer. In a small building in the Nortica section, visitors step into an elevator and travel down into the earth to visit a prehistoric world where dinosaurs still live.
Jora Entertainment provided the intro (animated earth layers, sound and decoration of the building itself. Paleo Pixels provided the 1 minute animated dino-mural (second half of the movie).

Due to a tight budget and time constraints (after accepting the project in November, the initial deadline was 5 weeks away), smart choices had to made to actually meet the deadline. Examples are the background, which became a large 2D matte painting done in Photoshop and the re-use of older models Paleo Pixels created in the past.
With a good planning and working 7 days a week, the project was done in time and send of to the client. In January some additional work was done after which the project was signed off.

General concept : Jora Entertainment / Leisure Brand Factory
Project Manager : Marjolein Smids (Jora Entertainment)
2D Intro, sound, cutouts : Luuk de Kok (Leisure Brand Factory)
3D*, matte painting, compositing, animatic : Bjorn Klaassen (Paleo Pixels)

*Except :
T-Rex model/rig/textures : Joel Anderson (www.joel3d.com)
Triceratops : wesh2k2 (http://www.turbosquid.com)
T-Rex young model/rig : Harry Gladwin-Geoghegan



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