Maya Pipeline Development


  • Maya
  • Python
  • MEL

These are some examples of various smaller Python and MEL scripts I created during the years, mainly for use within Maya :

Scriptmanager is a…well, manager for other scripts and acts as a replacement for the shelf for shortcuts. Different scripts are available by user, the user can add or remove scripts through the UI and can write help lines to assist in the process of running that particular script.
Profiles generator is a 3 step program for creating usable profiles prints for steelwelders to create 1000s of m2 uniquely, prefabricated artificial concrete rock-work
ABSconversion is a small script that writes ABSfiles so NURBS curves can actually be read into CAD programs.
Driven pile/Retaining Wall generator converts a scanned 3D model of a rock into driven piles and concrete support-walls at distances set by the user.
MatchEdgeLoops is a way where to edge-loops can be stitched together
VTXColorToCSV reads out amounts of vertex colors and writes them into an Excel sheet to be used as value engineering
Spraysurfaces is a simulation for value engineering which records everything in sight (while respecting obstacles) in various vertex colors.
Leveltools (used on the Gatling Gears and Scavenger games) creates quickly different tiles in a landscape with a tile system, offers a toolset on UVmapping and on asset-placement, export options etc.
Boxmethod can be used when all options fail on a polygon mesh (black triangles, unexplainable shading behavior etc.)
Write Foundations Generates foundations from a given set of meshes.