Houdini learning – Update 4

More Houdini, again :).
This time the roads are projected onto a landscape, while remaining without banking. The banking will be later controlled by the user (instead of the landscape (as a normal projection would do)). Besides this there’s also abit of control in how the track cuts itself into the landscape.
Next up are grass and asphalt strokes next to the main roads, fences&walls, projected materials and plants.


trackExample02Shaded trackExample02Wire trackExample01Wire trackExample01Shaded

Houdini learning – Update

A small update on my learning this program…I’ve been busy trying to create a race track/landscape generator with a basic set of user inputs as the start, Houdini takes care of the rest. These images show one track that cuts itself out of a landscape, one of the basic functionalities. Stay tuned for more updates!






I picked up learning Houdini again as a side project. Later this month I’ll update this blog with my new project, in the meantime here are the videos from the last time I worked with this amazing programm :