Exit the Netherlands

Me (and my family later on) are moving out of the Netherlands to work in the game industry once again. This time not as a level artist or animator, but as a Houdini Technical Artist at Massive Entertainment Sweden, starting July 2nd !

Though I am quite happy the way Paleo Pixels and my freelancing have been developing the last couple of years, it was an offer that “I just couldn’t refuse”. I mean, working full-time with fellow CG-enthusiasts on a AAA-title and doing most of the stuff I like (creating a pipeline with Houdini among others) …just awesome.

I’ll be keeping Paleo Pixels as a company, but the activities will be obviously way less then before. More news to follow, so stay tuned.

racetrack Wijchen is done!

So yeah, it’s done. Release will be this or next week, first I need to make a small promotion video and test the AI a bit more. I’ve also added some more images to the projects /track framework page.

Houdini Crowds

The 20th of November I’ve started at the team at Glassworks Amsterdam to work on a crowd system with Houdini & Python. This will go on until somewhere in January. Stay tuned for more news!

Gouden Kalf

Horizon Zero Dawn won a Gouden Kalf award yesterday for ‘best interactive’. I’m really proud to have been part of the HRZ team, now let’s see what the upcoming DLC expansion ‘The Frozen Wilds’ can do !

Back at Guerrilla Games

Last week I started again on an unannounced project at Guerrilla Games as a freelance cinematic animator. More news to follow!