Horizon Zero Dawn

Untill the beginning of 2017 I’m at Guerrilla Games as a (cinematic) animator on Horizon Zero Dawn, working on creating and finishing the cutscenes in-game, some pipeline work, trailers etc. Stay tuned for more news.

Houdini blendshape

I’ve created a blendshape node in Houdini that can blend any mesh into another mesh. Vertexcount doesn’t matter and it has animation support. At some point later this year I think I’ll continue to work on it to create less “blobby” blend areas. Think I’ll release it later this year for other users.


Blendshape on youtube

Update Projects

Twitter,senior 3D position and Houdini

  • I’ve opened up a Twitter account : Paleo Pixels @ twitter .
  • Since the 1st of April I’m a part-time Senior 3D artist at Hans Boodt Mannequins. Since this is normally a 1 day position every week, it won’t interfere with my freelance work @ Paleo Pixels.
  • I’ve been doing a lot of Houdini lately, somewhere in the next few days I’ll post an update about this

Cheers !



New project completed !

The last couple of weeks I’ve been working on the visuals of an animated mural for display in the area “Nortica” of the new Wildlands Emmen Zoo. It’s part of a small movie where the visitors go back in time to visit a couple of dinosaurs. More news and a small making off will follow after the opening of the park.