New job

After around 2 years at Massive Entertainment in Sweden, I’m switching to Darewise Entertainment as a Senior Technical Artist in Paris, France in June 2020 !

Race circuits Database

The last few months I’ve been both updating the pipeline of creating the world in 3D with the new tools of Houdini 17.5 but also made the switch from Windows to Linux. All seems to be working now , so it’s time for the next step : building a database of all the race circuits in the world.

Openstreetmap to race track updates

racetrack Wijchen is done!

So yeah, it’s done. Release will be this or next week, first I need to make a small promotion video and test the AI a bit more. I’ve also added some more images to the projects /track framework page.

Update on Procedural race track

Work continues on a personal project of mine : a procedural racetrack